$2,000 Stimulus Check Talk Gives Mitch McConnell, Georgia Senators Headache

 $2,000 Stimulus Check Talk Gives Mitch McConnell, Georgia Senators Headache

President Donald Trump may have one month remaining in the White House. Regardless, Trump still seems to be on a mission from his 2016 campaign: Drain the swamp. That mantra could possibly threaten his own political party just as he is likely to leave the White House.

Trump on Tuesday threatened to veto a congressional bill that would send $600 into the pockets of Americans for COVID relief. Trump wants more money for American families, and he’s getting support from Democrats for that sentiment.

If the president gets his way, it could leave headaches and black eyes to his longtime supporters, including those who need him the most right now.

The top Republican in the Senate and two Republican senators in Georgia in reelection runoffs have leaned on smaller payments to Americans during the stimulus bill battle. Now, the party leader has said otherwise.

In short: Congress passed a bill that would put $600 into pockets of Americans for COVID relief, and $1,200 for couples with an additional $600 for each child. However, the bill is loaded with huge chunks of money that aren’t COVID-related. Trump said Tuesday night that the money for American citizens wasn’t enough, and he cited several dollar amounts (some in the billions of dollars) to other countries.

Trump asked Congress to amend the stimulus bill to send $2,000 to each “American” o

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