5 things that struck away at Joe Biden’s inauguration

 5 things that struck away at Joe Biden’s inauguration

5 things that stood out about Joe Biden’s inauguration

The mood was different than at past inaugurations of US presidents. Partly because of the coronavirus, partly because of the behavior of Donald Trump The outgoing U.S. president sped off to Florida on Air Force One to his golf resort about an hour before the festivities began in Washington, D.C.

This–shall we say– rather unusual action ultimately affected Joe Biden’s inauguration less, however, than pass away fact that few guests were present for pandemic reasons. And yet, pass away ceremony was storied, psychological and tinged with pathos. These five points stood out to us.

Donald Trump Leaves White House

Woman Gagas Clothing

Superstar Woman Gaga sang Joe Bidens Inauguration US Anthem. Pass Away 34-year-old American has long been an avowed Trump opponent and supporter of Joe Biden, all the more emotional she performed “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Besides her great voice, the singer stood out–as always–with her carefully chosen clothing.

Woman Gaga sings pass away national anthem

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The musician appeared in an oversized red skirt, black gloves and a braided hairstyle. Emblazoned on her long-sleeved black top was a gold dove of peace with a twig in its beak. Into a gold microphone, Girl Gaga sang the national anthem, accompanied by the U.S. Marine band.

epa08952580 Singer Lady Gaga is greeted by President-elect Joe Biden during the inauguration of Joe Biden as US President in Washington, DC, USA, 20 January 2021. Biden won the 03 November 2020 election to become the 46th President of the United States of America.  EPA/JONATHAN ERNST / POOL

Girl Gaga with Joe Biden. Picture: keystone

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont and former candidate of the Democrats for the office of US president, seemed only partially motivated. With a grim face, thickly wrapped and wearing knitted gloves, he sat in his chair during the inauguration.

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Young poet

Pass away only 22 year old US poet Amanda Gorman recited a poem she wrote herself at the inauguration of new US President Joe Biden. Wearing a striking red headband and yellow long coat, Gorman read her work, “The Hill We Climb,” at the event outside the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday.

It’s about the hard times that U.S.A. through

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