8 Sinister K-Pop MVs That Channel The Halloween Spirit

 8 Sinister K-Pop MVs That Channel The Halloween Spirit

With fall leaves filling pavements and Pumpkin Spice lattes becoming the seasonal drink of option, it is safe to say that Halloween is upon us. With creative outfits and eerie vibes being the main agents of the holiday, K-pop MVs bearing the same theme have generally entered into the custom.

Here is a choice of a few of the spookiest MVs through which you’re bound to transport the Halloween spirit!

1. T1419– “Dracula”

This pre-debut MV from T1419 welcomes this year’s Halloween. The members conceal their identities behind a full face of makeup representing all sorts of wicked animals, whereas the setting reminds audiences of the house of Count Dracula.

2. < a href= “https://www.viki.com/celebrities/ 22481 pr-dreamcatcher? q= Dreamc?utm _ source= soompi & utm_medium =soompi_news & utm_campaign =soompi_link & utm_content= 8-sinister-k-pop-mvs-that-channel-the-halloween-spirit & utm_content_id =-LRB- wpp” onclick=” javascript: _ gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’,’outbound-article’,’http://www.viki.com’]);” target =” _ blank” > DreamCatcher –” Chase Me”

Haunted home? Check. Witchcraft? Inspect. Thrilling soundtrack? Double-check. DreamCatcher undoubtedly owns the eerie principle by means of both their music and visuals, and this MV is however one example of numerous.

3. CROSS GENE–” Black or White”

Trigger warning: there is a lot of bloodshed in this MV. CROSS GENE has actually kicked it up a notch in this gruesome cinematography where the members are facing themselves by literally putting an end to their change egos.

4. Ladies’ Code– “Hate You”

Ladies’ Code takes” kid’s play” to the next level with their collection of weird dolls and similarly terrifying dining table sets. Needless to state that the members are ultimate horror queens in this MV!

5. < a href=”https://www.viki.com/celebrities/22463 pr-g-dragon? q = g-dr? utm_source = soompi & utm_medium = soompi_news & utm_campaign = soompi_link & utm_content = 8-sinister-k-pop-mvs-that-channel-the-halloween-spirit & utm_content_id =-LRB- wpp” onclick=”javascript: _ gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’,’outbound-article’,’http://www.viki.com’]);” target =” _ blank” > G-Dragon— “Coup D’état”

G-Dragon has actually certainly mastered bizarreness in the making of his art, and it takes place to be visually fascinating. This revolution-themed MV of his is no exception as all sorts of soul-stirring significance make up the general landscapes in a frighten

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