‘A bit like royalty’: Prince Harry mocked for condemning ‘attack on democracy’ in US Capitol

 ‘A bit like royalty’: Prince Harry mocked for condemning ‘attack on democracy’ in US Capitol

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, found himself mocked on Twitter after he condemned social networks business for permitting the organization of the Trump supporters who stormed the United States Capitol.

” There is no way to downplay this. There was a literal attack on democracy in the United States, organized on social media, which is a concern of violent extremism,” Harry stated in an interview with Quick Company on Friday, referencing the January 6 storming of the Capitol, adding, ” It’s difficult for me to understand how the platforms themselves can excitedly take revenue however shun obligation.”

Though lots of Americans and Brits are becoming increasingly concerned about the power of Big Tech business, social networks users were quick to point out the paradox of an actual prince calling out an ” attack on democracy.”

Prince Harry is irrelevant. I do not require him to inform me it was an attack. I AM AMERICAN. I KNOW THIS. why doesn’t he go simply return to princing?

— Amanda C. (@AmandaStarshine) January 23, 2021

He’s literally the poster kid of white opportunity and king rulers who colonized and pillaged themselves to wealth. PS: There’s no such thing as a “prince”. pic.twitter.com/HwXvEsNCAY

— Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr) January 23, 2021

” Whatever his excellent intentions may be, I do have a slight problem with an unelected prince being worried about democracy and the genuine status of those in power,” commented one user, while another composed, ” As an American, I do not want to hear from Harry about MY nation. He has no idea what the Capitol implies to us, to Democracy.”

This is funny (a notoriously shallow Prince word-salading without a word of difficulty from a fawning recruiter) but also extremely ominous. The wealth & status that permits Harry to influence other uneducated people is all un

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