A Therapist Saw The Workplace and Psychoanalyzed Michael Scott

 A Therapist Saw The Workplace and Psychoanalyzed Michael Scott

Healthy individuals ensuring, reasonable choices that decrease dispute produce pretty dull TV, and so it’s just as well that a lot of imaginary characters have all type of defects and characteristics. Might some of them also have an authentic undiagnosed psychological health concern? In a recent video, YouTuber Kati Morton, a certified marital relationship and household therapist (LMFT), turned her professional eye onto among the more idiosyncratic television characters of the 21 st century; Michael Scott, the one in charge in NBC sitcom The Office, played by Steve Carell

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Morton starts by addressing the character’s “raised sense of self”; his belief that he is much better than other people, and consistent efforts to prove it. “I know Michael’s egotistical behavior is really simply overcompensation for how terribly he feels about himself,” she states. “However I feel like this personality type needed to be mentioned.”

Michael likewise displays an “extreme need for attention and to be liked,” a characteristic he shows over and over once again throughout the program’s run, frequently overstating his own bad luck and feeling bitter when other people have the spotlight. “You can see how I could initially think that Michael has narcissistic personality condition,” states Morton. “He thi

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