About 17%of COVID-19 Survivors Retest Favorable on Follow-Up

 About 17%of COVID-19 Survivors Retest Favorable on Follow-Up

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For reasons unidentified, about 1-in-6 people who recovered from COVID-19 consequently retested positive at least 2 weeks later, scientists reported in a research study in Italy.

Sore throat and rhinitis were the only signs related to a favorable result. “Clients who continued to have breathing signs, especially, were most likely to have a new favorable test outcome,” lead author Francesco Landi, MD, PhD, told Medscape Medical News.


” This suggests the persistence of breathing signs must not be undervalued and need to be properly evaluated in all patients considered recovered from COVID-19,” he stated.

” The research study outcomes are fascinating,” Akiko Iwasaki, PhD, an immunobiologist at Yale University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, told Medscape Medical News. “There are other reports of RNA detection postdischarge, but this research study … found that just 2 signs out of many– sore throat and rhinitis– were higher in those with PCR-positive status.”

The study was released online September 18 in the American Journal of Preventive Medication.


The findings might carry crucial ramifications for people who continue to be symptomatic. “It is reasonable to be careful and prevent close contact with others, use a face mask and potentially undergo an additional nasopharyngeal swab,” stated Landi, associate teacher of internal medicine at Catholic University of the Spiritual Heart in Rome, Italy.

” One of the majority of fascinating findings is tha

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