‘America Is Back.’ Joe Biden Tries to Turn the Page on Donald Trump

 ‘America Is Back.’ Joe Biden Tries to Turn the Page on Donald Trump

P resident Joe Biden began the week in Wisconsin, where he informed voters that previous President Donald Trump had actually inhabited too much area in their heads during the last four years. He ended it with a journey to a COVID-19 vaccine producing site in Michigan and a virtual appearance prior to the G7, informing his European allies that “America is back.”

That time, he didn’t mention his predecessor by name. He didn’t have to. With Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial squarely in the rearview mirror, the 45 th President was, for the first time in nearly six years, really out of the spotlight. And the policies and actions Biden rolled out this week, both locally and internationally, indicated a brand-new era.

This week alone, the United States pivoted greatly away from Trump’s go-it-alone foreign policy posture, officially re-joining the Paris Climate Accords, revealing a willingness to resume conversations about returning to the 2015 Iran nuclear offer, and promising a $4 billion contribution to a global COVID vaccine sharing initiative.

The moves were all repudiations of Trump. In Michigan and Wisconsin, he highlighted the nation’s development in getting closer to defeating the pandemic after it damaged the country during the last year of Trump’s presidency.

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