America’s year has actually been specified by demonstrations

 America’s year has actually been specified by demonstrations

by Simon Romero, Shaila Dewan, Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio
PHOENIX: In downtown Portland, Oregon, they screamed, “Count every vote!” At the Detroit convention center, they urged those tallying tallies to stop. And outside a Philadelphia vote-counting site, they said they simply wished to see.

In a year defined by demonstrations– for females’s rights and Black lives, against coronavirus lockdowns and authorities brutality– the presidential election brought even more demonstrators to the streets throughout America this week as days passed without a clear winner.

As former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to pick up speed over President Donald Trump in the race to reach 270 electoral votes, protests broke out in hotly objected to areas including Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Phoenix, where demonstrators stated they were encouraged the election was being taken– a baseless claim that has flowed fiercely on social media, consisting of on Trump’s Twitter feed.

Demonstrations likewise occurred in locations where the results were settled, like New York, Portland, Washington and Miami, where the organizers– Latino Republican groups– used a caution on a Facebook page called Stop the Steal: “They’re trying to take this election from the President Donald J. Trump and we’re not going to let it take place.”

While in some cases tense– in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas, the registrar stated he had requested additional security at the election headquarters– the demonstrations drew in a modest turnout and by Thursday night had caused no violent episodes.

However the effort may be simply increase: The Stop the Steal Facebook page, a public group started by Trump fans, mushroomed to more than 360,000 members within hours prior to it was closed down by Facebook. It had been bursting with conspiracy theories and demands to halt the vote-counting process.

Trump has long been preparing for doubts about the election results, stating without proof that mail-in ballots were fraudulent which the election would be rigged. Numerous protesters spoke of “illegal votes” and said they merely didn’t think that Biden could have won in their state.

Republicans have complained that observers have been kept too far from counters to examine tallies and make sure precision. In Philadelphia, Trump surrogates won a minor triumph when a state appellate court bought that observers be permitted to view from 6 feet away rather of the previous 20 feet at the main Philadelphia canvassing location. Counterprotesters outside danced and used t-shirts that said “Count Every Vote.”.

In Atlanta, some 6

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