Andrew Cuomo Caved to Donors As He Protected Nursing House Employers, Ron King Says

 Andrew Cuomo Caved to Donors As He Protected Nursing House Employers, Ron King Says

As COVID-19 was breaking out in New York state last March, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order requiring nursing homes to accept clients who were presumed to have the virus.

Governor Cuomo reacted to his error by listening to the needs of one of his top donors: the lobbying group for the nursing home market.

Now the circumstance has actually blown up into a full-scale scandal: last week, Cuomo’s administration was captured on tape admitting it was withholding information about how numerous nursing home citizens had actually been contaminated with COVID, and how many had actually died.New York Republicans are looking to form an impeachment commission to examine Guv Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis in nursing houses. Cuomo in New York City, September 8,2020 Spencer Platt/Getty

After Kim told The New York City Post that it appeared that Cuomo was “trying to dodge having any incriminating proof,” the governor reportedly lashed out at Kim both publicly and privately, consisting of a supposed late-night call in which Cuomo threatened to “damage” Kim. (A senior Cuomo advisor launched a declaration rejecting those threats and questioning Kim’s trustworthiness.)

With federal police authorities reportedly releasing a probe into the Cuomo administration’s handling of assisted living home deaths, the debate is anticipated to be part of this coming week’s verification hearings for Attorney general of the United States candidate Merrick Garland

For his part, threats of prospective retribution have not encouraged Kim to pull back from holding Cuomo liable. On Friday, he called the guv an “abuser” on ABC‘s The View. Now, in a new interview, Kim describes what was actually going on in New york city’s nursing homes this spring, and how Cuomo’s business immunity order enabled assisted living home executives to conserve cash even at the expense of their citizens’ security.

What follows is an excerpt of Kim’s discussion with The Daily Poster/Newsweek The transcript has actually been edited for clarity and brevity.

New details have emerged about what was going on in New York’s nursing homes last spring, as the pandemic was ravaging the state. What were you seeing and doing last spring?

Let’s begin with the start. We are alerted that COVID is spreading, and everyone is paranoid, nobody understands what’s going on. The guv requested for extraordinary powers, and he wanted $40 million of emergency money right now to get ahead of COVID. My coworkers at the time said, “You can’t do this, you can’t support that.” I actually sponsored that bill. I stood up and safeguarded the governor and the commissioner, saying, “My constituents are completely worried. And regardless of whatever distinctions we might have with Cuomo’s administration, we require someone, in light of what’s going on in Washington, to step in.”

A month into it, the assisted living home executive order comes out, the March 25 executive order, the infamous one that directs untried COVID clients to retirement home. And we eventually found out there were 9,000 of these patients that were transferred. That occurred, and right now, everyone stated this is incorrect.

Constituents began reaching out to me, saying things like, “My mama is stuck in a nursing

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