Architectural agencies: what are the modalities of reconfinement?

 Architectural agencies: what are the modalities of reconfinement?

Following the speech of the President of the Republic, the modalities of the second containment were specified by the public authorities and in the decree No 2020-1310 of 29 October e prescribing the general measures necessary to deal with the epidemic of covid-19 within the framework of the state of health emergency. The National Council of the Order of Architects (Cnoa) has given an update on the personalities concerning architectural agencies

Exercise of occupation, travel to construction sites or building sites

The Government has clarified that, unlike the first containment in March, building and public works activity will continue during this reconfinement. Architectural and project management activities, which are closely linked to the preparation and execution of the works, must be associated with this activity. The decree stipulates that “any movement of persons outside their place of residence is prohibited with the exception of travel for hire or from the place of exercise or research of a professional activity and professional travel that cannot be postponed”

Architects and their employees can therefore travel in a professional setting (go to a building site, make a site visit, take part in a meeting that cannot take place remotely, etc.) subject to strict compliance with the measures

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