As Biden lead grows, Trump campaign changes battle to courts

 As Biden lead grows, Trump campaign changes battle to courts

Larry King, county director of public information, states that before Election Day if they got a ballot and could tell from the outside that something was wrong with its preparation, they would get in touch with the voter and ask them if they desired to come in and correct the error.

” After the tallies started showing up, it ended up being like Fort Knox in there,” says Mr. King, of the space where the tallies are being counted.

All paper ballots are retained as backup.

Pennsylvania’s Bucks County

In Pennsylvania and other crucial states, the Trump campaign has submitted lawsuits declaring a range of ballot-related offenses.

The Trump administration assured more challenges as the election is “clearly moving from the political to the legal,” states legal commentator and George Washington University Law School teacher Jonathan Turley.

Trying to connect up electoral outcomes in courts throughout the nation may provide little legal break for the president’s project.

Rudy Giuliani, a legal representative for President Donald Trump, speaks during a press conference on legal challenges to vote counting in Pennsylvania, Nov. 4, 2020, in Philadelphia.

In some methods the legal relocations may be simply bare-faced bids to raise general doubts about the stability of the election. On its face, the Trump project’s legal technique is inconsistent, even puzzling. It has actually taken legal action against to stop ballot counts in Georgia

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