As Biden Wins the Presidency, Trump Digs in for a Battle

 As Biden Wins the Presidency, Trump Digs in for a Battle

Donald Trump lost the presidency while he was at one of his golf courses.

The news came on an unseasonably warm and bright fall day in Washington, and as significant networks and the Associated Press called the governmental race for Joe Biden after nearly 5 days of vote counting, Trump was playing a round of golf at his course in Sterling, Va. More than 5 hours after the race was called for Biden, after he had actually returned to the White House, Trump tweeted, “I WON THE ELECTION,” and perpetuated unwarranted claims of fraud.

A declaration from the Trump campaign on Saturday early morning recommended their fight will continue. “The simple truth is this election is far from over,” checked out the statement, credited to Trump himself. “Joe Biden has not been accredited as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly objected to states headed for necessary recounts, or states where our campaign has legitimate and legitimate legal difficulties that could identify the ultimate victor.” Starting on Monday, the statement read, Trump’s project will press forward “prosecuting our case in court to make sure election laws are fully maintained and the rightful winner is seated.”

During the week of the election, the Trump campaign filed roughly a dozen lawsuits in battlefield states around the nation, but election experts tell TIME that none are likely to alter the result of the race. Trump’s assistants inside the White House are settling in for days of legal challenges to provide Trump’s supporters more certainty in the outcome.

” Do all the court challenges, all the states, so that there’s a consensus at the end of the process so ev

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