Backstory: We cut off President Trump’s remarks about a “rigged” election Thursday night. Here’s why

 Backstory: We cut off President Trump’s remarks about a “rigged” election Thursday night. Here’s why

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President Trump Thursday made unproven claims that the governmental election was corrupt and deceitful. In response, we cut off his live remarks and got rid of the video from our platforms. I wish to describe why.

Our task is to cover the news, but our mission is to spread reality and to stop misinformation.

Some things do not have two sides. Truths are not up for debate. And when the president of the United States, from the White Home, attempts to take apart among the bedrocks of American democracy, a fair and complimentary election, that is no longer news. It is propaganda.

This is not censorship. There is no required that we air whatever a political leader states. That is state-controlled media. His remarks weren’t about political distinctions however weakening Americans’ self-confidence in the democratic procedure.

We merely selected not to utilize our platforms to enhance this hazardous message, with the possible to prompt violence, in real time when it was difficult to supply truths and context simultaneously. We covered the speech carefully and fully later

Obviously we cover prospective ballot issues or irregularities strongly They must be brought forth to the suitable authorities for investigation. The Trump campaign has actually launched legal challenges in multiple states, however legal professionals say most of the cases have no chance of having a significant impact on the election’s result.

” It’s throwing a lot of stuff at the wall to see if anything sticks,” said Rachael Cobb, chair of Suffolk University’s Department of Federal government, told our reporters. “There is no clear indicator of an egregious failure of election administrations. And why would we stop counting votes? We reside in a democracy.”

There was bipartisan condemnation of Trump’s remarks. Significant news networks, with the exception of FOX and CNN, likewise cut away from his look.

” A sitting president weakening our political process & questioning the legality of the voices of many Americans without evidence is not just harmful & incorrect, it undermines the extremely structure this nation was built on,” retiring Texas Republican Rep. Will Hurd wrote on Twitter. “Every American ought to have his/her vote counted.”

Election disturbance claims: We reality examined viral ones and found incorrect claims.

‘ However what if it holds true?’ some readers asked. There is no proof of widespread scams. A nd we reality examined the speech right away. Here is simply part of what our journalists reported

Trump declaration: “We were winning in all the crucial locations, by a lot, in fact, and after that our numbers began unbelievely getting whittled away, in trick.”

Fact: Trump led preliminary returns in several states, including Wisconsin, Michigan

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