Because of Trump, an ex-googler doesn’t have to go to jail

 Because of Trump, an ex-googler doesn’t have to go to jail

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Anthony Levandowski was actually sentenced last year to 18 months in jail, pass away now vanishes into thin air.

Just before the swearing in of new US President Joe Biden, Donald Trump still took advantage of his waning power to issue ” a few” pardons– 143 to be exact. As correctly points out, of course, these do not include Wikileaks founder Julian Assange or whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Ex-Googler used trade secrets for new start-up

For that, there’s another interesting personnel pass away to enjoy Trump’s grace: Anthony Levandowski.

That wouldn’t have been a problem so far, had he not been convicted of using intellectual property from his time at Google for his new company. August 2020, he pleaded guilty in a court case to stealing trade secrets and was sentenced to 18 months in prison for it.

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Judge: ” biggest trade secrets crime”

The judge had described the case at the time as ” the biggest trade secrets crime he had come across”. Wege

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