Becca Meyers States She Forgets She’s Visually Impaired and Deaf When She Gets in the Swimming Pool

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When Rebecca( aka Becca) Meyers found out that her possibility to qualify for a third Paralympic Games in swimming would be held off till2021, she was disappointed at very first– when you’re working toward a goal and get struck with news that your training will take a turn, it’ll do that to you.

Meyers was born deaf due to Usher syndrome , an uncommon hereditary condition characterized by deafness and progressive loss of vision.

Meyers swims in the S 12 category of the Paralympics– there are three classifications amount to for visual disabilities , and S 11 is reserved for athletes who wear blackout goggles and are assisted by a tapper letting them understand when they’re nearing the end of a swimming pool lane. She’s now back house in Baltimore and swims at a regional health club, and her coach, Bruce Gemmell, best known for coaching Katie Ledecky, also sends her exercises by means of text.

Meyers’s objectives for the delayed Games are the very same as they were leading up to the post ponement: she wants to medal in all of the occasions she plans to swim in– the100- meter butterfly,200- meter IM, and400- meter fre

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