Biden and his “guide day” at the White House: the key policies the U.S. president-elect will take

 Biden and his “guide day” at the White House: the key policies the U.S. president-elect will take

The U.S. president-elect pushed through measures he will take in the first few terms of office, many of which were ignored by Trump.

Democrat Joe Biden announced on the campaign trail several measures he would take if he had the opportunity to reverse the policies of President Donald Trump

After his victory in the elections, here is a list of some of the measures that the elected president and his team will seek to implement at the beginning of his four-year term


Biden has said that his primary focus will be on controlling the coronavirus He will push for the use of masks across the country, a change that health experts say could save thousands of lives, but his legal authority to enforce such a mandate is unclear.

It also promised a new public-private partnership that would be responsible for boosting the production of coronavirus test kits and laboratory supplies , as well as coordinating access to those services.

He also promised to make COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccines free to all Americans


Biden promised to undo many of the tax cuts that Trump enacted for wealthy corporations and personalities as soon as he takes office, although the changes require congressional approval.

It also offered to increase the implementation of existing fiscal policies and to quickly strengthen the rights of workers to organize .

An important part of Biden’s plan to recover from the recession caused by the coronavirus is to force government agencies to purchase goods and services manufactured in the United States to help boost the domestic manufacturing sector.

You can do this through expenses already authorized by Congress and orders to agencies that will soon be under your control.


In his first 100 days in office, Biden pledged to work for the passage of the Equality Act, a piece of legislation that adds vast new protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual and gender identity.

It is also expected to issue a decree promoting diversity and inclusion in the federal government, and to create a new Gender Equality Council at the White House to coordinate policies related to women.

Biden has also promised to use his powers “ to ban the import of assault weapons“.


Biden plans to send an immigration bill to Congress on its first day

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