Biden chides Trump for absence of cooperation on COVID-19 vaccine

 Biden chides Trump for absence of cooperation on COVID-19 vaccine

WILMINGTON, Delaware: Joe Biden fulfilled on Thursday (Nov 19) with governors from both celebrations and criticised President Donald Trump’s unmatched attempt to block the tranquil transition of power, saying it was preventing the flow of information about programs to establish a critically important coronavirus vaccine.

He likewise said he looked forward to bipartisan cooperation that can strengthen efforts to slow the pandemic after he takes office.

The president-elect restated his previous pledges not to set up a nationwide shutdown to curb the virus’s spread and duplicated that more states setting up mask-wearing mandates might conserve tens of thousands of lives.

” Unfortunately, my administration hasn’t been able to get everything we need,” Biden stated during a video conference with the National Governors Association’s management group, which consists of five Republicans and four Democrats.

He particularly cited Operation Lightning speed, the federal government’s partnership with personal pharmaceutical companies to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

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” That’s why I ‘d like to know exactly what this administration has in mind in terms of their Operation Warp Speed and how they plan it,” he said of the Trump White House.

Biden participated from a theatre in Wilmington, Delaware, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

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He also took questi

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