Biden close to White House victory as he builds leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia

 Biden close to White House victory as he builds leads in Pennsylvania, Georgia

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John Whitesides and Joseph Ax

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Nov 06, 2020 5 minute read

WASHINGTON– Democrat Joe Biden broadened his narrow leads over President Donald Trump in the battlefield states of Pennsylvania and Georgia on Friday, putting him on the brink of winning the White House 3 days after surveys closed.

Biden has a 253 to 214 lead in the state-by-state Electoral College vote that identifies the winner, according to Edison Research. Winning Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes would put the former vice president over the 270 he requires to secure the presidency.

Biden would also win the election if he dominates in two of the 3 other key states where he held narrow leads on Friday: Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. Like Pennsylvania, all three were still processing tallies on Friday.

As Biden inched closer to victory, he was expected to address the country on Friday night, according to an individual acquainted with his strategies. The remarks could be a success speech; a Biden assistant stated he might be declared the winner within hours.

In both Pennsylvania and Georgia, Biden overtook Trump on the strength of mail-in tallies that were cast in metropolitan Democratic fortress consisting of Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Hundreds of Democrats gathered outside Philadelphia’s downtown vote-counting website, using yellow t-shirts reading “Count Every Vote.” In Detroit, a crowd of Trump supporters, some armed, opposed outside the counting area, waving flags and chanting, “Battle!”

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With his re-election possibilities fading, Trump escalated his baseless attacks on the results, appearing at the White Home on Thursday evening to incorrectly declare the election was being “stolen” from him.

A sense of grim resignation settled in at the White House on Friday, where the president was keeping an eye on TELEVISION and talking with advisors on the phone. One consultant said it was clear the race was tilting against Trump, however that Trump was not rea

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