Biden has beaten Trump to become US president

 Biden has beaten Trump to become US president

In normal times, the transition from one American presidency to the next is a pretty dull affair, a matter of usefulness and technicalities, groups of authorities peacefully handing over power.

As with whatever in American politics in 2020, the Trump-Biden transition will differ from any the country has actually seen.

Biden has actually claimed triumph in the election and made it clear his focus is on being prepared for workplace come Inauguration Day on Wednesday January 20.

Even someone as superstitious as him, cautious of taking anything for a granted, has actually been dealing with the transition summary for months.

Follow live updates as Joe Biden ends up being president-elect and see his victory speech on Sky News at 1am

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What might a Biden presidency look like?

However the background noise of the present president, decrying the process, challenging the outcome and looking for legal redress, will haunt the coming weeks.

There are 2 motion pictures playing out across America – one functions Biden as the clear winner of a reasonable election and a new direction for the country.

The other shows a discontented Trump and a band of his fans throwing away legal dangers and complaints.

In such divided times, Americans will need to select which smash hit they want to view.


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