Biden Is Accumulating a Popular-Vote Required for Ending Trumpism

 Biden Is Accumulating a Popular-Vote Required for Ending Trumpism

Even if an obsessive concentrate on the antidemocratic Electoral College obscures the public’s rejection of Trump, the popular vote has in truth rebuked the president.

On Wednesday early morning, Joe Biden swept past the 50 percent mark of total tallies counted hence far in the presidential election.

For too many of our pundits, the work of examining presidential election results begins and ends with the inventory of Electoral College votes.

To his credit, Biden recognized the legitimizing power of the popular-vote numbers, mentioning them in late Wednesday afternoon remarks to the nation. “Of special significance to me is that we won the majority of the American people,” he said. “Every indication is that this bulk will grow.”

Biden explained that he was not yet prepared to claim success. Maurice Mitchell, the nationwide director of the Working Households Celebration, looked at the data and argued:

When all the votes are counted, I believe it will be clear that the people have actually chosen Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States. Americans turned out in record numbers, braving an international pandemic and voter suppression. It is already clear that Trump has actually been comfortably rejected by a majority of voters– by a margin of millions that is still growing. And when every vote is counted, it will also be clear that Joe Biden has won the presidency and Donald Trump has lost.

Mitchell’s evaluation is a sound one. In addition to securing a popular-vote win, Biden has a clearer route than Trump to an Electoral College win and the presidency. But

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