Biden is no better than a cripple, and Trump’s national map is unscathed.

 Biden is no better than a cripple, and Trump’s national map is unscathed.

People say Trump is a lame duck, and Biden won’t be much better than a lame duck when he takes office. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s strong leadership, from pre-election Justice Amy Barrett’s concurrence to the toss-ups, is all over the map.

Would McConnell, who Biden called a “bridge-builder” while he was a senator and whom Obama describes in his autobiographical book A Promised Land as “a harsh, unscrupulous man bent on power,” be willing to walk easily onto the bridge? And then there’s another Republican frontrunner, Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsay Graham, who was once close friends with Biden in the Senate, but according to Obama’s observations, Graham is like a spy in a movie who kills people without blinking an eye, not hesitating to “stab the man who saved his life”.

Even with the loss of seats, Democrats still have a majority in the House, but a loss in the state legislature could have serious consequences – Democrats would be in the minority in the midterm elections for Congress two years from now.

In the 2021 decennial gerrymandering, the power is in the hands of the state legislatures, where Democrats had hoped to take advantage of Biden’s good numbers to pick up a few target states, but lost. The majority Republican state legislatures are able to draw districts by authority, using statistical analysis and algorithms to allocate votes.

The so-called “Gerrymander” constituency is drawn, and even if the shape is weird like a gerrymandering, the party will do anything to win. Even though opponents can appeal up to the Supreme Court, after Barrett took office, the conservatives among the justices have an overwhelming 6-3 advantage, and starting in 2020, the Democrats can

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