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Fauci on the differences between Trump and Biden administrations

The Biden administration has moved quickly to remove a number of senior officials aligned with Donald Trump from the Voice of America (VOA) and the agency that oversees all US-funded international broadcasting.

The actions address fears that the US Agency for Global Media was being turned into a pro-Trump propaganda outlet.

The agency announced Thursday that VOA’s director Robert Reilly and his deputy Elizabeth Robbins had been removed from their positions and that the head of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting had resigned.

Two agency officials familiar with the matter said Mr Reilly and Ms Robbins were escorted from VOA’s headquarters by security guards.

It comes as the newly inaugurated President Joe Biden prepares to issue a flurry of executive orders targeted at assisting families and workers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Biden’s immigration reform proposals in outline

Now This News, a progressive media organisation, has provided a video outlining new president Joe Biden’s proposed immigration reform legislation.

Among them, providing a pathway for citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants, ending the building of the border wall, and protecting Dreamers at risk of deportation.

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Biden press secretary hits back at complaints Covid vaccine plan not enough

The White House press secretary has responded to criticism from the public that Joe Biden’s plan to administer 100 million vaccines in 100 days was not enough, at a time when Covid-19 surges through the US.

“Our objective in setting that bold goal … is to set our own markers but also set markers for the American people,” Jen Psaki said on Good Morning America on Friday.

“But when we reach that goal, and we’re confident we will, we’re going to build from there. We’re not packing our bags at 100 million shots,” she added.

Danielle Zoellner has more:

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Biden public schedule shows president to receive PDB and deliver remarks on America’s economic crisis

Joe Biden’s public schedule shows the new president will be right about now receiving his public daily brief – a document featuring the US intelligence community’s most sensitive national security issues.

He will later have lunch with vice-president Kamala Harris, before delivering remarks about how his administration is responding to the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.


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Biden to sign executive orders increasing food stamps and speeding stimulus checks

Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden is set to issue a flurry of executive orders targeted at assisting families and workers amid the coronavirus pandemic, aiming to stabilise the economy.

On Friday, Mr Biden will reportedly sign into law a host of orders in line with his vow to “bold steps to address the inequities in our economy and provide relief” to those struggling amid the ongoing crisis.

According to The New York Times, two of the executive orders will help steer additional federal aid to families who are struggling to afford food and to help workers stay safe amid the crisis.

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Trump-allied VOA chief fired by Biden administration and ‘escorted from the building’

The Biden admi

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