Biden picks up speed in Pennsylvania as Trump attempts to stop the tally count

 Biden picks up speed in Pennsylvania as Trump attempts to stop the tally count

President Trump looked for Wednesday to block Pennsylvania from counting more than 1 million ballots cast by mail in Tuesday’s election as the tabulation narrowed his lead over Democratic opposition Joe Biden.

Trump’s remarkable attack on the voting system can be found in a broad legal attack on tally counting throughout a handful of toss-up states that will choose the governmental election.

The Republican president was more than 600,000 votes ahead of Biden early Wednesday in Pennsylvania, but by the end of the day that margin had actually shrunk to less than 140,000 votes.

Biden’s lopsided triumph in the mail ballots counted by Wednesday, 77%to 22%, put the former vice president on track to remove Trump’s lead totally by the time the count of the staying 763,000 mail ballots was complete. The majority of were cast in counties that Trump lost in2016 Mail ballots take additional time to procedure and count so each voter’s eligibility can be validated.

On Wednesday afternoon, even as election authorities in the state’s 67 counties were working around the clock counting ballots, Trump went ahead and wrongly declared he had actually won Pennsylvania.

Trump alleged fraud however produced no proof.

Wolf, a Democrat, said Pennsylvania would “battle each and every single attempt to disenfranchise voters and continue to administer a totally free and reasonable election. Our election authorities at the state and local level need to

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