Biden promises consequences after hack against US authorities

 Biden promises consequences after hack against US authorities

SolarWinds-Sitz in Austin, Texas

SolarWinds headquarters in Austin, Texas


U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has announced that the large-scale hack against American government institutions and businesses will not be without consequences.

Through a compromised update to the Orion network management software from Texas-based SolarWinds, the perpetrators had gained backdoors to more than 17,000 government agencies and businesses around the world. How many organizations were ultimately spied on and to what extent is still largely unclear. Zu den SolarWinds-Kunden gehören unter anderem

  • das US-Finanzministerium,

  • das Handelsministerium,

  • das Heimatschutzministerium,

  • das Außenministerium

  • und Teile des Pentagons.

Even if acting President Donald Trump doesn’t take the alleged spying seriously, “I will,” Biden said. Pass away originators must be clearly named and held accountable, he said. He did not get more specific. “Diese A

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