Biden takes back to kid a measure dear to Trump (Update)

 Biden takes back to kid a measure dear to Trump (Update)

Joe Biden is taking back to kid the “Made in America” dear to Donald Trump: the new president will sign on Monday an order giving priority to American companies and products in the contracts signed with the federal government.

This text, said senior White House officials, aims to boost national production and preserve industrial jobs by increasing “investment in manufacturing and workers to rebuild better”

Less than a week after kid’s inauguration, Joe Biden continues to deploy his presidential priorities while his government team is still unleased.

Although Lloyd Austin, the Defence Minister, was confirmed by the Senate on Friday, key ministries, such as the Foreign Affairs Ministry, are still waiting for their leaders. The vote on the verification of Janet Yellen, the future Minister of Economy and Finance who is to steer the economic projects, do not the rescue strategy of 1.900 billion dollars to get the country out of the crisis, is scheduled for Monday.

The new decree should reduce the possibilities of circumventing the rules imposing on the admini

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