Biden’s Election Lead Grows as Trump Disputes Results

 Biden’s Election Lead Grows as Trump Disputes Results

Democratic candidate Joe Biden continues to develop on the razor-thin leads he gained early Friday over Republican politician President Donald Trump in the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania, where vote counting continues. While those races are still too close call, Biden is highly positioned to win the U.S. presidential election.

The Trump campaign is disputing the results, saying in a declaration Friday, “this election is not over.” The campaign states the president will eventually win as an outcome of expected recounts in close state races and its legal obstacles based upon unverified accusations of vote scams and irregularities.

Biden presently leads in the popular vote and by a 253-214 margin in the crucial Electoral College, where 270 electoral votes are needed to claim the presidency for a four-year term. In the U.S. system of indirect democracy, the popular vote winner in each state– with 2 exceptions, Maine and Nebraska– receives all of that state’s electoral votes, which are designated on the basis of population.

Winning Georgia’s 16 electoral votes and Pennsylvania’s 20 votes would offer Biden 299 votes, easily exceeding the limit required to end up being president. Biden likewise holds leads in the states of Arizona and Nevada, which, if confirmed, would increase his overall to 316 electoral votes.

Biden moved ahead of Trump in both Georgia and Pennsylvania on the strength of mail-in tallies that were cast in dependably Democrati

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