Biden’s popular vote lead over Trump extends to more than 6m

Joe Biden’s popular vote lead over Donald Trump has now extended to more than 6m as he continues to acquire the highest number of votes in American history.

The Democratic challenger, and now president-elect, presently has 79,823,827 compared to the president’s 73,786,905– itself a record for a losing candidate in regards to large variety of votes cast.

Biden’s win in the popular vote tally has also delivered him a persuading required in the critical electoral college, which really chooses who ends up being the next occupant of the White House, after turning states like Georgia, Arizona and the midwestern rust belt states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Nevertheless, it has actually not stopped Trump and a number of his Republican allies from seeking to undermine the outcome of the election by launching a series of claims and technical objections and requesting for states. None of the techniques have actually revealed any proof to support Trump’s incorrect claims of widespread ballot scams.

Biden, who has actually knocked Trump’s attempt to reverse the ele

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