Biden’s reported option for secretary of defense may make history, however she won’t do Biden any favors

 Biden’s reported option for secretary of defense may make history, however she won’t do Biden any favors

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Joe Biden, then vice president, welcomes United States Flying force personnel at an air base in Romania, May 20,2014
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  • President-elect Joe Biden is apparently providing major consideration to picking Michèle Flournoy, a previous Obama administration authorities, as secretary of defense.
  • Flournoy would be the first woman to hold that task, but she would bring with her old thinking about the world and the US’s function in it, writes Defense Concerns fellow and retired United States Army Col. Daniel L. Davis.
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According to numerous media reports, President-elect Joe Biden is offering serious consideration to picking Michèle Flournoy, a former Obama administration official, as Secretary of Defense. Based on her track record, Flournoy would neither serve Biden nor the country well.

Regardless of who Biden ultimately selects, his next Pentagon chief should be somebody who acknowledges the world we reside in today is various than the one we acquired after the Cold War.

Flournoy may look outstanding on paper. She was the third greatest ranking authorities in the Department of Defense during President Barack Obama’s very first term, serving as under secretary of defense for policy and previously the chief executive officer of the influential Center for a Brand-new American Security (CNAS).

However throughout her tenure in the Obama administration, Flournoy was often wrong on key matters of war and peace. In 2011, for instance, she affirmed prior to your house Armed Providers Committee that Obama’s Afghan rise was working.

” Our method is working,” Flournoy confidently stated, which “over 140,000” United States and NATO forces in Afghanistan were positioning “unrelenting pressure on the insurgents and restoring more and more important area.”

Michele Flournoy

Michele Flournoy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank in Washington, June 2,2014
REUTERS/Yuri Gripas.

I was an Army officer stationed on the ground in Afghanistan at the time and I understood that claim to be totally incorrect, as I exposed in a in-depth report the following year.

Occasions in the 9 years considering that her claims have exposed the truth that the Afghanistan method was never working, as the Taliban today owns or contests more territory than at any time considering that 2001, the Afghan government stays hopelessly corrupt, and the nation produces upwards of 84%of the world’s opium which efficiently funds Taliban operations.

Whether Bush’s war of option in Iraq and conversion of the Afghan war into a nation-building operation, Obama’s choice to expand the war in Afghanistan and engage in extra-constitutional military ventures into Libya, Syria, and Yemen, or Trump’s expansion of military operations in Syria, Iraq, and many locations in Africa, the constant theme of senior defense officials has been to rely on the use or threat of deadly military power against our presumed opponents and to minimize diplomacy.

The result has been the perpetuation of a series of forever wars around the world, the overuse of our armed forces, and a paranoid inflation of terror dangers abroad.

The president-elect will have to be mindful, how

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