Blink. Blink. Blinkist.

 Blink. Blink. Blinkist.

Biden will nominate Blinken as Secretary of State.

A lot of people are now using Blinken’s unrealistic talk of decoupling from China as evidence that Biden will be weak on China.

Last night, I did some quick research and shared this:

  1. Blinken’s late father was a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, which made him resentful of the totalitarian trampling of human rights. It is to be expected that he will be more persistent on humanitarian issues and more willing to take the moral high ground than the Trump administration.
  2. He is a hawk in the Democratic Party and has formed the “Phoenix Initiative” with his party cohorts to push the Democratic platform to use more tools to take a tougher stance on U.S. national security issues.
  3. He doesn’t mind sending troops on humanitarian issues, such as when he suggested the Obama administration use sanctions against Syria over the use of chemical weapons. He also praised Trump’s attack on Syrian President Bashar for gassing his own people a few years later.
  4. On China, he said there was a need for cooperation between China and the United States on transnational issues such as nuclear non-proliferation and climate change. But he is just as likely to bite the bullet on human rights issues in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.
  5. Another reason why he may not be softening towards China is that he has pointed out that if the US compromises with the CCP on Xinjiang and Hong Kong, it is likely to add to the CCP’s appetite for reunification of Taiwan, and the US will really find it difficult to ride the tiger. Therefore, he believes that it is necessary to combat the Chinese Communist threat to Taiwan from multiple angles as soon as possible.
  6. Blinken has lived in France for many years and has good relations with European countries. It is estimated that his first task in office will be to mend ties between the United States and Europe and rebuild trust between the two countries.
  7. He has been a vocal critic of Trump’s proximity to Putin, saying that Russia and Putin’s underhanded approach to eroding U.S. democracy poses a serious threat to U.S. security. He has also equated China’s threat to the U.S. with that of Russia on various occasions. It is to be expected that he will take the Chinese threat seriously.
  8. He has advocated the creation of an international coalition to contain Russia and to weaken Putin’s influence by isolating him. Estimate Blinke

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