Borat 2′ criticizes President Donald Trump fiercely

 Borat 2′ criticizes President Donald Trump fiercely

Borat 2″ or “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” as the English title, premiered at Amazon Prime Video last October 23rd and has as primary focus to attack the political support movement to the President Donald Trump

Plot of ‘Borat 2’

The plot of the film would be a kind of diplomatic mission in which Borat needs to deliver a monkey, who, by the way, is the greatest erotic film actor in Kazakhstan to Vice President Mike Pence, however the primate dies and Borat genially chooses to give his daughter to the politician in place of the monkey.

This is the background that puts the journalist on a surreal journey, filmed in documentary style, through the United States ironizing elements of North American culture, its prejudices and its characteristics.

Another point that is criticized in the form of irony are the consequences of pan

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