Brexit’s Environment Gift To The UK: A Burnished Image

 Brexit’s Environment Gift To The UK: A Burnished Image

UK Prime Minister Hosts Virtual Meeting Of G7 Leaders

British prime Minister Boris Johnson hosts a virtual conference of G7 leaders in the Cabinet Space at … [+] Number Ten, Downing Street on February 19, 2021 in London, England. The 2021 G Top will be kept in Carbis Bay, Cornwall from 11-13 th June.

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This November, U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson will crow about the advantages of Brexit when again.

That is when the U.K.’s Glasgow, in Scotland, will host this year’s UN environment conference, efficiently handing a megaphone to Johnson to boast about his nation’s climate ambitions. And thanks to Brexit, he will have something significant to extol: an official promise by the U.K., under UN standards, to cut greenhouse gas emissions 68%by 2030, well above the EU’s vowed 55%cut

The U.K.’s role as host to this year’s COP conference, as the yearly events are understood, is an example of how the U.K.’s break from the EU affords it brand-new opportunities to burnish its environment credibility on the world stage. While the real climate effect of Brexit might be somewhat negative– what the U.K. gains in boasting rights, after all, the EU loses– Brexit is at minimum a major public relations gift to Britain’s ambitions to sell itself as an environmental leader.

The POLICE OFFICER26 is not the only international top this year where the UK will have a chance to shine a spotlight on itself. In another stroke of luck, the UK is also set to host a conference of seven of the world’s largest economies, the G7, this June in Cornwall. Environment is set to be among the summit’s main concerns

” The U.K. sees decarbonization as one of the international obstacles where it can show prospective leadership,” said Alastair Hamilton, a partner at seeking advice from firm McKinsey. “The confluence of Brexit occurring in the same year as the POLICE OFFICER26 and when it is chair of the G7, the U.K. will be seeing that as … a big diplomatic opportunity.”

Philippa Spence, an executive director at Denmark-based ecological engineering consultancy Ramboll, agreed: “The Johnson government is seeing the green agenda as a chance to rebrand after a damaging year in 2020, with COP26 as an opportunity to provide the U.K. as a worldwide leader in this space”.

The U.K.’s greatest climate coup may have been in releasing itself of the nettlesome West-East tug-of-war that has afflicted the EU’s capability to set binding environment targets.

Flexing its newly found liberty from the EU, the U.K. pledged its own emissions reduction target, as needed under the 2016 Paris Contract, the extremely next day, December 12, as part of its submission to the COP26 conference in Glasgow: an attention-grabbing 68%.

The U.K.’s exit from the bloc also renews attention to the truth that the U.K. is in fact running ahead of the EU on some other huge environmental goals. For instance, it has actually vowed to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, whereas the EU has actually chosen rather only to gradually increase its fuel economy standards

Real costs

Regardless of the leadership-enhancing effects of Brexit, the U.K.’s exit from the bloc has actually currently exacted real costs.

The EU has lost an important member country committed to aggressive climate overhaul. And bot

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