BUSINESS VIDEO CONFERENCING: Here’s how 5 software suppliers are positioning their platforms in the middle of the pandemic-driven shift to remote work

 BUSINESS VIDEO CONFERENCING: Here’s how 5 software suppliers are positioning their platforms in the middle of the pandemic-driven shift to remote work

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The very first half of 2020 saw video conferencing platforms end up being central to enterprises’ techniques in navigating the interruptions from the coronavirus pandemic.

Between stay-at-home orders, social distancing guidelines, and momentary workplace lockdown directives, businesses across industries were forced to move operations from another location– and this has forced many more companies to outfit their labor force with the tech and increase usage.This momentum in the video conferencing area has sparked a fierce fight among companies trying to profit from peak demand spurred by the pandemic..
As enterprises consolidate their conferencing platforms in the years ahead, a few dominant video conferencing platforms will become winners. Video conferencing platforms have actually been taking part in a features arms race to support the mass migration to remote working, but the greatest chance will come as business embrace enterprise interaction platforms for long-lasting usage cases, and not just as short-term solutions to the pandemic’s disruptions.
In a significantly congested field, protecting status as a business’ favored video conferencing platform has actually ended up being a growing vital for video conferencing suppliers, especially offered the awaited long-term shift toward remote working..
In the Business Video Conferencing report, Expert Intelligence takes a look at 5 significant video conferencing services competing for a piece of the enterprise market. We explore their strengths and weaknesses, developments as an outcome of the pandemic, and how well they are positioned to end up being a business’s favored video conferencing platform well beyond the pandemic..
The business discussed in this report are: BlueJeans, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom..
Here are some key takeaways from this report:.

As business consolidate their conferencing platforms in the years ahead, video conferencing platforms are on the hook to protect their status as a primary service. As companies search for avenues to cut costs and improve performance while working remotely throughout the remainder of the year, particularly amongst the lots of companies now embracing remote work lodgings that will extend beyond the pandemic, they will or have actually currently sped up strategies to review their services with a mind toward debt consolidation..
Video conferencing software platforms can end up being business’ go-to option by establishing a competitive benefit in a minimum of one of the 9 areas by which enterprises often judge video conferencing software application platforms. The metrics include rate, breadth of video conferencing functions, ease of use, trust, combinations, quality and efficiency, reach, scale, and completeness.
To forecast how the video conferencing market will clean after the pandemic, we have actually accumulated 5 essential players in the area. Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and BlueJeans were picked based on existing market reach, brand awareness, and feature-set management..
The report highlights how well Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, and BlueJeans are placed to satisfy surging need as a result of the pandemic and develop long-term loyalty. It likewise evaluates their prospective to become organizations’ main service in the long term based on each platform’s competitive positioning..

In full, the report:.

Checks out how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the enterprise video conferencing space..
Supplies an introduction of the metrics by which business often evaluate video conferencing software..
Forecasts how the video conferencing market will shake out after the dust from the pandemic settles..

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