Cal Cunningham Gets ‘Em pty Chair’ Treatment From Media as Election Day Nears, Journo Sums up Things Best

 Cal Cunningham Gets ‘Em pty Chair’ Treatment From Media as Election Day Nears, Journo Sums up Things Best

As I wrote last week, embattled Senate candidate Cal Cunningham has actually been getting brutalized by the North Carolina political media down the homestretch of his Senate campaign, something you hardly ever see happen to Democrats here in NC.

Here we are a week later, and things haven’t gotten any better on that front for the married dad of 2 who back in September looked like he may have a lock on the race versus his Republican opponent Sen. Thom Tillis. They’ve gotten worse when you enjoy what reporters have to state about their continued attempts to call him in order to ask some questions.

In the last full week prior to election day, Cunningham– who admitted earlier this month to an affair with the better half of a fellow Army veteran– has been struck with, among other things, the feared “empty chair” treatment from the media, courtesy of regional news outlet WTVD.

Their reporter Jonah Kaplan took a seat beside an empty chair and gestured to it while discussing how they had connected lot of times to the campaign but were denied.

” We continue to connect to the Cunningham project and use an open invite for Cal Cunningham to sit down with us for a one on one interview, an invitation up until now he continues to decline,” Kaplan kept in mind:

10 days of your group neglecting media demands

— Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) October 25, 2020

That empty chair sector was another minute from this race that was similar to the competitive 2014 race in between Tillis and then-Sen. Kay Hagan (D), where Hagan was noticeably absent from a Spectrum News debate:

Republican @ThomTillis debated an EMPTY CHAIR last night; Sen. Kay Hagan avoided last argument! g0EV e

— FOX & buddies (@foxandfriends) October 22, 2014

Other media outlets around the state continue to report on how they have actually reached out to the campaign to ask for an official appearance/interview but were either told no or disregarded:

@ThomTillis and Cal Cunningham were both offered a possibility to go on @NCCapTonight to make a closing pitch to citizens this week. Cunningham decreased because he doesn’t want to respond to questions about being under inv

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