Can Trump Pardon Himself? Yes – But It Might Not Save Him

 Can Trump Pardon Himself? Yes – But It Might Not Save Him

It’s pardon season.

And it’s widely believed that President Trump will hand a big, beautiful presidential pardon to the person he naturally thinks is most-deserving: himself.

Trump’s presidential shield of protection from federal indictment is now officially scheduled to expire at the moment he steps down on Jan. 20, 2021. And there’s no telling how prosecutors will approach the pile of potentially incendiary evidence he’s leaving behind.

But scoring a pardon for an outgoing president with lingering legal jeopardy isn’t quite as simple as former President Richard Nixon made it look back in 1974. He became the first president to step down early, and relied on his successor, Gerald Ford, for a wide-reaching pardon.

Trump’s essentially got three options for grabbing that golden ticket, and each of them has problems. Here’s the rundown on Trump’s options for pardoning himself.

The Full Trump: Trump could simply pardon himself. Nothing appears to immediately

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