Can Trump still reverse the vote?

 Can Trump still reverse the vote?

V enerdì la Georgia certified Joe Biden’s victory after a recount, but Donald Trump has peace until tomorrow to ask for another verification of the votes and attacked the governor and Secretary of State (Republicans) who ratified the result: he will do everything to prevent their re-election. Today it is the turn of Michigan to certify the success of the Democratic candidate, tomorrow it will be the turn of Nevada Also today all the counties of Pennsylvania will make their results official (there is no legal deadline for the ratification of the state). On December 1, then, it will be the turn of Wisconsin

In all of the States challenged Trump’s actions against Biden have so far been dismissed by the courts. But Trump does not recognize the result of the vote even in front and presses the Republican governors and local parliaments not to make the results of the ballots official: this, as we feared from peace, turns this post-election phase into a kind of railway disaster

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