Celebrations break out across America as Joe Biden is named the next president of the United States

 Celebrations break out across America as Joe Biden is named the next president of the United States

Celebrations have broken out across American cities with pedestrians dancing in the streets, motorists honking their horns and cheers filling the air as Joe Biden is named the next president of the United States.

Biden was called the next president at 11.25 a.m. Saturday morning by television networks and the Associated Press, while Donald Trump played golf.

CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the AP and USA Today all made the call and Fox News followed suit 10 minutes later as votes in Philadelphia pushed his margin in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania over the edge.

This took him to 273 electoral votes – over the 270 needed to win the White House race.

Nevada was called for him shortly afterwards taking him to 279. Now, only Arizona, Alaska and North Carolina remain uncalled but none can alter the election outcome now.

Kamala Harris, his running mate, becomes the first female vice president and the first black and Asian-American vice president in history.

Cities across the nation erupted in celebration as the news broke, with hundreds taking to the streets of New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia popping champagne corks, waving Biden flags and dancing as the agonizing four-day wait for the new president to be announced came to an end.

Coronavirus appeared to be a distant memory as crowds of people gathered, danced and embraced, with a distinct lack of social distancing despite infection rates soaring across America.

However not everyone was happy about the election result as Trump fans continued to hold ‘stop the steal’ rallies and clashes broke out between Trump and Biden supporters in Lansing, Michigan.

Trump also refused to accept the call, claiming Biden was trying to ‘falsely pose’ as the winner, vowing to keep challenging results he claims are a ‘fraud’ as his supporters rallied outside his Virginia golf course where he headed to earlier in the morning.

LOS ANGELES: A man falls to his knees and holds an American flag aloft on Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angele as he reacts to the news Joe Biden won the 2020 US presidential election

NEW YORK CITY: New Yorkers strike pans in the road in Washington Heights as the city erupts in celebration

NEW YORK CITY: A New Yorker waves a ‘Biden for President 2020’ flag in Washington Heights, Manhattan

NEW YORK CITY: A woman and two children come out on to their fire escape in Washington Heights to watch the celebrations below

NEW YORK CITY: A Biden fan waves an American flag made up of the Pride colors as they join other New Yorkers in the streets of the city

NEW YORK CITY: People dance, cheer and wave banners as they celebrate the news Saturday

PHILADELPHIA: People spray champagne into the air in celebration near Reading Terminal Market

LOS ANGELES: In West Hollywood someone holds a sign reading ‘He’s fired’ – a reference to Donald Trump’s catchphrase on Celebrity Apprentice

LOS ANGELES: People hold signs aloft as the nation reacts to the news that the outcome of the election has been called

LOS ANGELES: Women celebrate on Hollywood Boulevard Saturday after Biden was called the winner of the White House race

NEW YORK CITY: Someone beats a drum in the Washington Heights neighborhood as music and cheering fills the air of the Big Apple

NEW YORK CITY: A couple gather on their fire escape to watch the celebrations going on in the streets below

LOS ANGELES: Lindsay Farmer and Florian Klein hold their dog Sophie and a sign reading ‘Nope’ as they celebrate at Highland & Hollywood in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES: People hold signs reading ‘He’s fired!’ and ‘You’re fired’ aimed at Trump as he lses as people celebrate after news organizations

LOS ANGELES: Two LA residents bang pans as they run around the Silverlake reservoir to celebrate the result

BALTIMORE: Carol Pitts of Baltimore holds up a photo of her late brother David Swain who voted for Joe Biden the day befor he died

LOS ANGELES: Biden supporters take to the streets in Hollywood to celebrate the historic win

LOS ANGELES: People wearing ‘Biden-Harris’ masks and t-shirts celebrate in Hollywood Saturday

NEW YORK CITY: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joins people celebrating in Times Square

PHILADELPHIA: A healthcare professional in scrubs puts her fist in the air in celebration at the news

MIAMI: In Florida Biden supporters hug each other in the street after the election was called for him

MIAMI: Biden supporters hold up a sign of Trump’s image with the word ‘Nope’ as the nation learns Biden has won the election

CHICAGO: A Biden supporter holds up a ‘You’re fired’ sign outside Trump Tower in Chicago

NEW YORK CITY: Hundreds gathered in Times Square to celebrate holding Biden signs and ‘You are fired’ signs aimed at Trump

NEW YORK CITY: A man sports an American flag as he joins celebrations in Times Square

PHILADELPHIA: People wear the Pride and Transgender Pride flags and wave their fists in the air in celebration after Biden defeated Trump

NEW YORK CITY: People hold a big flag reading ‘Biden President’ in Times Square as hundreds gather to celebrate

NEW YORK CITY: Schumer’s mask slips off his face as he marches through Manhattan with crowds celebrating Biden’s win

PHILADELPHIA: People spray champagne in the air and cheer at the news that Biden will be the next president

PHILADELPHIA: People drink champagne from the bottle as they gather in the streets of the city

PHILADELPHIA: A young child sits on top of a man’s

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