Chelsea Clinton: On the Eve of the Election, I’m Thinking of the Mommies

 Chelsea Clinton: On the Eve of the Election, I’m Thinking of the Mommies

As I sit here composing in between Zoom meetings, my 2 oldest kids remain in a virtual mathematics and acting class respectively, and my 15- month-old (who has actually spent half of his life in quarantine and severe social distancing) is sleeping next to me.

As parents and caretakers know, we’re juggling a lot today– from work to virtual or hybrid learning to potty training to our kids’ nightmares to difficult crucial discussions about the world with even our children. For vital employees who aren’t able to work from home or for people who have lost their jobs, it’s downright impossible.

So while I’m grateful that my household is safe and healthy, I’m also incredibly upset at the ongoing callous ineptitude of the existing Trump administration to make sure that every family is safe and healthy. Because it didn’t need to be by doing this. Not if we had acted in January. Or March. Or May. Or anytime, really. President Trump didn’t– and still doesn’t– have a plan to get this virus under control, to save lives and protect livelihoods.

When confronted with the hazard of COVID-19, President Trump knowingly and voluntarily lied to us, and lied repeatedly, permitting the infection to wreck our neighborhoods and steal our loved ones from us. His absence of seriousness, empathy, and human decency is being felt everywhere in America. And rather than put forward a plan to supply some relief, he’s blithely waving a white flag in defeat.

And it’s women– especially Black, Brown, and Native females– who are bearing the impact of both the pandemic and the economic fallout from the administration’s failure to successfully res

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