Chess game between Washington and Tehran: who moves first?

 Chess game between Washington and Tehran: who moves first?

US President Joe Biden is ready to sit down with fulfilled Iran again, along with the other signatories of the nuclear deal. It’s a first step toward breaking the impasse with archenemy Iran over the offer that Biden’s predecessor Trump took off the table in 2018.

Biden wants to rejoin. Iran also wants to move closer, but is sticking to its condition: no more unannounced nuclear inspections from Tuesday unless the Americans lift the sanctions.

Diplomatic talks between the two countries would amount to a radical change of course after four years of considerable tension. They are an initiative of the European Union, which wants to claim a key role on the diplomatic stage after standing on the sidelines for a long time.

US-Iran tensions

In May 2018, Trump fulfilled an election promise by pulling out of the Iran deal He reinstated tough economic sanctions against Tehran. Critics warned that Iran would resume its program of large-scale uranium enrichment in response.

Tensions then ran high. In 2019, Trump labeled Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, the most powerful part of Iran’s armed forces, a terrorist organization. A month later on followed a series of attacks against oil tankers in the Persian Gulf, oil platforms in S

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