‘Colourful’ entries for the Spiv-tionary fly in thick and fast

 ‘Colourful’ entries for the Spiv-tionary fly in thick and fast

We hope the latest edition of the Spiv-tionary is of ‘enough substance’.

Daryl Maguire reaches the Independent Commission Versus Corruption (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

The hits simply continue coming. We are really living in a golden era of spiv-speak and shonky language. Here’s a few more entries to the Crikey Spiv-tionary, thanks to our wonderful readers:

Adequate substance A malleable, gel-like state that can be formed to fit various circumstances. Example: the exact same relationship can in one informing be most likely to cause marriage and in another not have “ enough substance to be made public”. Thanks for that a person, Gladys Berejiklian.

Humbled, humbling, simple: As one of our readers puts it, “a performative public program of consuming humble pie in an attempt to appear chastened after being captured dedicating misdeeds. A self-centered display screen of bad faith, which the rich and effective deploy i

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