Conclusion of the G-20 summit: One of them is switching off

 Conclusion of the G-20 summit: One of them is switching off

The Heads of State and Government show a rare unity at the virtual summit. They stress that they want to cooperate in the distribution of vaccines and that pass away developing countries must also benefit. But US President Trump is apparently alien to solidarity.

Daniel Brössler, Berlin

US-Präsident Donald J. Trump bei einer Rede zum Abschluss des G-20-Gipfels in Osaka am 29. Juni 2019.

US President Donald J. Trump during a speech at the end of the G-20 summit in Osaka on 29 June 2019.

Photo: Kimimasa Mayama (Keystone)

It’s almost like real life. When Saudi Arabia’s nullified King Salman falteringly speaks words of welcome at the beginning of the virtual G-20 summit, all that can be seen in the audience from Moscow is an empty white chair. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, notoriously a notoriously late arrival, remains true to himself even in Corona times.

Which also applies to Donald Trump. For a long time it had been open whether the US president who had been voted out of office would even give a farewell performance at the G-20 summit. Before a trip to the golf course, he can arrange to attend the beginning of the video conference. The other heads of state and government, however, experience him as they know him-unfocused. During the session, Trump tweets about his favorite topic, alleged election fraud

Trump maltreats pass away other participants with self-praise

Saudi Arabia had imagined this year’s meeting of the largest and most powerful economies differently and wanted to present itself to the world in Riyadh as a powerful but also responsible international actor. Pass away pandemic thwarted this, but also lent urgency to the summit’s move into the digital world. “Die Covid-19-

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