Confinement: what is possible when you change houses

 Confinement: what is possible when you change houses

In real estate matters, under the essential activities test, individuals have enough to be lost. They can go to their banker or to a brokerage agency, but not to a real estate agency. They can take the metro, but they can’t risk getting help from friends who might be moving… Between the authorized, the forbidden and the tolerated, professionals give us some useful information

Real estate agencies: closed, but replacement options exist

“The certificate of derogatory travel put individuals does not, as it stands, provide for the case of a trip to visit an accommodation”, points Jean-Marc Torrollion, president of the Fnaim However, he continues, “Removals and removals are still possible” Fnaim “continues the discussion with the executive with the aim of reaching a pragmatic solution” on the subject of visits by private individuals wishing to buy or sell a home.

For their part, real estate professionals are “fully mobilized” to enable them to carry out visits in a different way, in particular by making available to them the digital tools that have already proved their worth during the confinement at the beginning of the year. In addition, it remains possible for real estate representatives to meet their customers in person at their residence, in order to continue to exercise their objective of providing advice and to accompany them as much as possible in the realisation of their project.

Eric Allouche, Executive Director of the Age Immobilier network, confirms: ” According to government announcements, there are no plans at this stage to grant derogatory authorisation to travel in order to visit an accommodation. Nevertheless, the real estate agent can go to a private home to take photos or film the property in order to offer it for purchase and the area. He can also travel to sign a mandate and he is also authorized to carry out an inventory of fixtures of entry and exit. However, as estate agencies are considered non-essential by the public authorities, they have unfortunately had to close their

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