Confounding Democrats, Trump makes inroads with Latinos

 Confounding Democrats, Trump makes inroads with Latinos

President Donald Trump and his Republican allies made considerable inroads with Latino citizens in Tuesday’s election, disconcerting some Democrats who alerted that immigration politics alone was inadequate to hold their edge with the nation’s largest minority group.

Trump‘s strong performance with Cuban Americans in South Florida narrowed the standard Democratic edge in Miami-Dade County and assisted put Florida in Trump‘s column early Tuesday. In Texas, Trump won 10s of countless new supporters in primarily Mexican American communities along the border.

And even in Nevada, where Democrats‘ strength amongst Latinos had actually powered the party to dominance, there were some indications of new Trump support amongst Latinos irritated at the economic toll of coronavirus-related shutdowns. Democrat Joe Biden and Trump were still locked in a tight race there as authorities counted the vote.

Democrats had hoped this would be the year when their strength amongst Latino voters would translate into triumphes in Florida and Texas, a game-changer that would improve presidential politics. Trump‘s margins rushed those hopes and prompted debate on whether the party was taking Latino voters’ support for given.

” It was tighter than everyone wanted,” stated Chuck Rocha, a previous strategist for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose governmental campaign controlled with Latino citizens throughout the Democratic primary. “Till we begin treating Latinos as a diverse and not monolithic group, Democrats are going to lose more and more of them.”

The overwhelming majority of Trump‘s support originates from white voters, not Latinos, who remained greatly Democratic. Even small shifts in a population can have big effects in a practically uniformly divided country.

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