Conservative Criticism of Fox Isn’t Fair and Balanced

 Conservative Criticism of Fox Isn’t Fair and Balanced

For some mysterious reason, conservatives hurry towards fratricide with the very same sort of seriousness that drives lemmings over the edge of the cliff. It’s what they do, even when it’s disadvantageous and costly.

Conservatism was not made better off by the four-year project waged against Speaker Amphibian Gingrich by some Home conservatives who considered him ideologically undependable. It was not helped by John Boehner’s early departure from Congress, produced by the consistent political headaches triggered by House Republicans on his ideal flank who branded him an establishment sellout even after he required President Obama to accept nearly draconian spending cuts without quiting much in return.

A little group of so-called perfectionists on the right even crossed swords with Ronald Reagan, without whom modern conservatism would have emerged stillborn after the thumping Barry Goldwater got in 1964 from Lydon Johnson.

Since Reagan, the GOP has actually marketed itself as the party of ideas and open argument. His eight years in the White House transformed the world along with the U.S. federal government. He created a transformation the outcomes of which progressives are still trying to roll back. His policies led to the renewal of the American economy and the national spirit; countless new tasks and small companies were developed; and the Cold War concluded in such a way lots of did not think possible. Many forget that when Whittaker Chambers braked with the Soviets, he believed he was leaving the winning side of the struggle to join with the lose

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