Contrary to President Trump’s claims, Detroit survey challengers were NOT unlawfully disallowed from observing surveys

In claims on Twitter and in a televised speech on November 5, the president accused poll workers at a ballot-counting centre in Detroit, Michigan of illegally disallowing Republican election observers from overseeing the count, in reference to contentious Twitter videos that showed the windows of the center being blocked.

On November 4, Twitter users and reporters began sharing videos of a commotion taking place at Detroit’s TCF Center, where tallies were being counted. This Twitter video posted by user Eric Gibbs shows a crowd of poll oppositions shooting and attempting to enter the space where the count was taking place, its windows obstructed by pieces of cardboard.

Another video published by reporter Matt Fin shows the exact same scene from inside the space, where survey workers are covering the windows with big pieces of white poster paper. The reporter included in another tweet that a few survey challengers and employees revealed issue that there wasn’t a fair number of Republican politician and Democrat survey c

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