Covid-19: Can my son still get married? And other questions

 Covid-19: Can my son still get married? And other questions


A new lockdown in England is due to come into effect this week, lasting until at least 2 December.

Here are some of your questions about what the regulations will mean for you.

My son’s marriage is fixed for 14 November 2020 at a church in Andover. Is it possible to do the same under national lockdown? – John

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies cannot be held under the new lockdown rules, due to be in place until 2 December, unfortunately. That’s whether they are at a church or elsewhere. There are very limited exceptions to this rule and the government is due to outline what these are on Monday when the full regulations are published.

My next door neighbour’s family live in Yorkshire and Crewe. Will it be possible for us to be her bubble when we go on lockdown because she won’t be able to visit her family? – Barbara

Support bubbles are still in place during the new lockdown. Anyone who lives alone can join up with one other household, which can be of any number of people. It’s advised that you form a bubble with someone who lives nearby to avoid unnecessary travel and potentially limiting the spread of the virus.

Bubbles can also be formed with another household if a single adult lives with children who were under the age of 18 on 12 June 2020. And if someone shares custody of their child or children with someone they do not live with, they can have a bubble with the child’s other parent in addition to their chosen support bubble. So, as long as your neighbour lives alone or wit

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