COVID cases fell by a third in England during second lockdown, study suggests

 COVID cases fell by a third in England during second lockdown, study suggests

Coronavirus infections have dropped by almost a third in England during the second national lockdown, research suggests.

Falling infections in the North East and North West – where cases decreased by more than half – have helped to fuel the change, according to the latest findings from Imperial College London’s React study.

Cases were also down in Yorkshire and the Humber, but prevalence remained high in the East Midlands and West Midlands.

Overall, there was a 30% drop in coronavirus cases across the country over almost a fortnight.

The study of more than 105,000 volunteers estimates 1 in 100 people in England had the virus between 13 to 24 November, a dramatic drop from the 1 in 80 reported on 2 November.

In previous studies, cases were doubling every nine days, whereas now they are halving.

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COVID-19: Restrictions likely until Easter

Professor Paul Elliott, director of the Imperial programme, said this suggests the tiered system and subsequent lockdown had helped bring cases down.

It will be a welcome boost for Boris Johnson, who is facing a rebellion from his own MPs as the Commons is set to vote on his new tougher tiered system on Tuesday.

Professor Elliot said: “These trends suggest that the tiered approach helped to curb infections in these areas and that lockdown has added to this effect.

“As we approach a challenging time of year, it’s even more vital that through our actions and behavi

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