Covid: When will schools reopen?

 Covid: When will schools reopen?

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Schools across the UK remain closed to most pupils, with remote learning being offered instead.

Plans to return children to the classroom vary between the nations.

When will schools in England reopen?

Boris Johnson has told MPs that the government hopes to start reopening English schools on 8 March, depending on factors including the rate of vaccination amongst priority groups.

He said the government will tell teachers and parents when schools in England can reopen “as soon as we can”. But he would not guarantee that this would be before the Easter holidays, due to begin before Good Friday on 2 April.

Primary and secondary schools have offered remote learning for most pupils since the beginning of January.

The children of key workers and children deemed vulnerable can still go to school each day. This includes those without access to a laptop at home, or a quiet place to study.

The government says schools should provide three to five hours of teaching a day for pupils at home, depending on age.

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Colleges and universities are also teaching students remotely until mid-February – except courses for future key workers (including medicine and veterinary science).

Nurseries and other early years settings remain open.

What about schools in Scotland?

Schools will remain closed to most pupils until at least mid-February.

Schools, early learning and childcare services can only open their doors to the children of key workers and vulnerable youngsters. Some special schools are open.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney says the youngest pupils and those with additional needs will be among the first to return, followed by senior pupils preparing for assessment.

What about schools in Wales?

First Minister Mark Drakeford has said that some primary children could be

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