Criticisms of reconfinement: between art of living and eugenics

 Criticisms of reconfinement: between art of living and eugenics

For months now, doctors, scientists and health workers have been warning of the risk of an epidemic rebound. To avoid this, they have tried to convince people of the need to wear masks in closed places, to maintain teleworking, and a solid school protocol, but have only partially succeeded. All the more so since, complacently reported in the media, many “reassuranceists” ridiculed these sentinels: Raoult, Toubiana, Toussaint, with the result that we see today. The denial of the Minister of Education, the loss of influence of the Minister of Health and of the Scientific Council in mid-September, the dismissal of the vulnerable in face-to-face work, have brought me to the hypothesis that Emmanuel Macron had been tempted by the strategy of cumulative immunity, even if I hoped that the evolution of the weeks to come would invalidate this hypothesis. This is the case today. If the assertion according to which nobody had seen this second unclear coming does not hold the evaluation for a second, nor the famous I will not let it be said that there was a shortage of masks , it appears that the President and the government wrongly counted on a breathlessness of the dynamics of the epidemic do not we pay the consequences today

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This error, which follows many others, is a blessed discomfort for the usual plotters, who now accuse the Head of State of having always simmered a second confinement, even though Emmanuel Macron wanted to believe that he could return to normal and thus revive the country s economy. The curfew, followed by a reconfinem

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