De-Trumping America: forget the deplorables, listen to the persuadables

 De-Trumping America: forget the deplorables, listen to the persuadables

Many Americans are good individuals. If Joe Biden is willing to listen to them, the scars of Trumpism will fade.

National youth poet laureate Amanda Gorman reads a poem throughout Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ inauguration (Image: AP/Patrick Semansky)

It’s simple to assume that America is a divided country. Democrats v Republicans, taxis v pick-up trucks, service v producing workers, or those who live within 20 kilometres of a large body of water v those who do not.

Numerous feel a recovery process is needed to bridge the gorge that seems to separate the two tribes– as embodied by poet Amanda Gorman’s stunning efficiency at today’s inauguration. The good news is the country is a lot less riven than that.

Trump ruled by division. He championed overlooked Americans from the rust belt, whose production tasks had been exported for many years.

He contrasted them with Washington politicians, obsessed with identity politics, weapon control, environment modification and micro-aggressions, while hardly acknowledging real workaday issues.

Trump stated he would Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again by Putting America First. He would build his wall to keep out drug-importing job-discounting Mexicans. He called out city elites, and their fake news machine, forcing binary them-and-us-ism.

And it worked, not necessarily since citizens purchased the embellishment, but certainly as a message of protest.

In a population of 331 million, 74 million Americans voted Republican. Only a small, tiny portion of these attended the haphazard protest at the Capitol two weeks earlier.

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