Death of Nebraska man whose body was misinterpreted for Halloween prank in 2016 still unsolved

 Death of Nebraska man whose body was misinterpreted for Halloween prank in 2016 still unsolved

To Kenneth and Diane Perry, their son Cornelius Hodges was constantly called their angel.

At simply 2 years old, the tot became ill and suffered kidney failure, eventually losing among his kidneys which led to developmental specials needs.

” But he never ever gave up,” his mother Diane told Dateline. “He was strong and smart and simply, well, our wonder kid. Our angel.”

By 2016 the young boy had actually turned into a six-foot-three guy, graduated high school and moved into his own house in downtown Omaha. He had his own cars and truck for a brief time, but his parents informed Dateline Cornelius preferred to stroll or ride his bike. He liked to go boating and went to church frequently.

” He thought in respecting yourself and others. He ‘d tell the young guys, ‘pull your trousers up!'” Diane said with a small laugh. “However mostly he was peaceful and kind and kept to himself.”

The couple told Dateline this is why they are still baffled as to why somebody would want to injure him.

Cornelius was only 30 years old when his body was found on October 30, 2016, dead from a gunshot wound. Four years have passed and his household is still searching for answers.

” We simply want closure,” Diane informed Dateline. “We have no answers about what took place and nobody is helping. It’s painful.”

Diane distinctly keeps in mind the last time she saw her kid. He had spent the weekend at her home in the area of 41 st and Ohio Streets in Omaha. They had actually gone to the films and just enjoyed their time together. Around 1 a.m. October 24, Cornelius decided to stroll back to his apartment in the downtown location of Omaha.

” It wasn’t unusual for him to stroll or bike home late during the night,” Diane described. She included that his apartment or condo had to do with three miles far from her house and that he understood the path well.

Diane had actually fallen asleep, so when she got up the next day, she called her child to make certain he got house OK. He did

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